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ILLEGAL ENTRIES – Multiple illegal entries (At least 10 over 4 years) particularly by their builder RAY FURGUSSON and his sub-contracted tradesmen. Total disregard to the legislation regarding required notice and starting times. Awoken one morning at 6.45am by him and tradesmen ripping boards from outside my bedroom. Other times found him wandering around our yard. Thought it was an intruder. Or banging on the front door early morning wanting to just pop in to check something – no notice given – didn’t care. Continued doing same even after numerous complaints. Real Estate took no action except for telling us Ray is a builder. If this happens to you, film them and tell them to leave or you will call police. He will go if you film him, ironically objects to this on the grounds of PRIVACY, however doesn’t care about YOUR privacy. It IS legal to film them so don’t allow them to bully you which they will try to do. BREACH THEM AT ONCE SO IT IS DOCUMENTED – THEY RELY ON YOUR IGNORANCE. Do not tell them you are going away or on holidays either for they will enter the property illegally. As they did with us.

LIARS – Would often state they tried to phone my mobile ph regarding entry but no message and no missed calls. Same with emails! Incompetent or liars? They would do an inspection and physically tell you everything is fine then make up a breach for an existing problem, prior to our tenancy, because you have challenged them or have sought advice from the RTA. Or any minor thing they can imagine. Also lied to us about the owner seeing the property and was horrified. (The owner lives overseas and had no knowledge at all) ALWAYS DEAL WITH THESE ISSUES BY EMAIL SO IS DOCUMENTED.

MULTIPLE STAFF TURNOVER - There were 4 new property managers in less than 4 years, because they all left within a year of starting. They had no prior knowledge of the property or previous correspondence between the past property managers although all correspondence was done via email. We were meticulously tidy, neat tenants and NEVER overdue any rent so they would have to invent a problem. All would harass if you stood up for your legal rights. As if they were instructed to find ANYTHING? High staff turnover indicates the failings of this agency internally. LOIS STEWARD AND NERIDAH MCVEIGH AND BELINDA ANDERSON WERE THREE OF THESE. JEFF GOING IS THEIR BOSS – THE ROT COMES FROM THE TOP!

MALICIOUS ‘NOTICE TO LEAVE’ – In the midst of a dispute regarding a serious illegal entry and property damage done by them we finally got the RTA involved, (because MBRE stopped correspondence with us and continued issuing breaches for the same issue), upon which we were issued a ‘Notice to Leave’ – ‘WITHOUT CAUSE’ at the end of the lease period which still had 4 months to go. (‘Without Cause’ - means they could not present a VALID reason, therefore they knew their breaches were invalid and would not stand up in court and were of MALICIOUS intent only)

BOND – Being aware of their character we cleaned the house immaculately from top to bottom, the yard mowed, hedges trimmed and shaped and so forth. Their inspection stated practically the whole house had to be re-washed and there were water marks in the kitchen sink, old stained and peeling paint in a 100yr+ house as well as other ‘made-up’ minor things, so we re-did everything. Upon re-inspection they claimed the same and had the house professionally washed, despite the fact that they re-painted the whole interior of the house as no-one would rent it otherwise. In fact the whole interior and some of the exterior was renovated with new fittings, wardrobes, the lot. Not because of us but because the house was old, neglected and in need of repair. They wanted to take nearly all our bond obviously to supplement the extensive renovations. Fortunately we submitted a ‘Bond Claim’ before them, so they would have to pay the court fee to dispute it. THE RTA WAS VERY HELPFUL. USE THEM!

Whilst applying for other places to move to we found out they were writing a very bad report about our tenancy to prevent us from finding another property. THEIR VINDICTIVE MALICIOUSNESS KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES! We did get around this but cannot divulge how, here.

BOND – COURT – So off to court we went. We won in 10 mins. The judge saw it for what it was and was annoyed with MBRE for:

1. Sending a new employee to court who knew nothing about the property as our property manager had resigned. (I presume because she did not want to be embarrassed in court)

2. Not returning our bond when it was clear they had no case at all and was only to inconvenience us.

3. Wasting the court’s time and expense.



I would not take the time to write this to warn others if it were not completely true!

I have all documents, correspondence with staff (Including MB herself) and photos to prove all of the above. This will serve you well if or when you end up in court.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Nundah, Queensland, Australia #1209043

I hear your pain.

I have a friend who is currently renting through them who is experiencing these same issues.

Heres the kicker for them though, they have a friend, me whos an investigator.

I would very much like to hear from you if you could call me.

my number is 0427572244.


Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia #1201593

Are you sure the builder wasn't Rex?Rex the Builder..

is who they use for all of their maintenance work.

He is Maryanne Birchs husband.Not that they disclose that.

to Anonymous #1201642

No. Definitely Ray, as pictured above.

to Anonymous Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia #1213083

Just as seedy.


Almost all of what's been written has happened to us. Maryanne Birch Real Estate is the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. I would never recommend anyone deal with them ever.

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